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Turnbulls Mistake

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The liberals might want to think again that a double D is the best option for them ! be careful what you wish for

the liberaal governments plans of a double D and the following general election could back fire on Malcolm Turnbull, why?

they have recently had the chance to make right the the disparity between the cash rate and the rates banks pay interest at most are at 2.5% or less yet the rate pensioners savings are deemed to able to attract 3.25% i dont know what world thesse polititions live in but its cerrtainly not mine !

so this gives Australia's large demographic group the over 55's a chance to show their displeasure at the blatentant neglect this government is showing them if we go to the polls, also aged pensioners not only have to pay more than they should be on their savings  but also got a poultry low $6.90 approx rise in penshions which equaates to going backwards if you take into account the the cost of living rises and the disgraceful deeming rate disparity.

This Government has backed down on changing our out dated and depressive tax system one which relys heavily on the backs of Australias work force of around 6 mil out of a population of 24million people this is not a sustainable system !

gst has to be raised to 15% and significant tax reprive given to lower income and welfare reecipients and more tax put on high income earners, and cut the ridiculas amount of welfare paid to working families on over a 150 k per year  thats right people on over 150k per year still get state and federal government hand outs this has to be stopped its killing our nation.

the gst can be worked to make a difference without hurting pensioners and welfare recipiants we have the technology to do this ! the working class can not carry this country on its back anymore it needs changing and soon!  liberals beware the backlash of the over 55's ignore us at your peril a ten to 15% swing in our votes could cripple you in this election think very hard about how you treat this group it packs a very big voting punch !

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