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rightful owners says who?

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what country in the world hasn't been invaded, conquered or settled by previous cultures at some time in recorded history, and there is the sticking point for me, recorded history! which goes back what two to five thousand years, so who were the 1st settlers of any country before then do we really know ?

does it really matter who was the rightful owners of any country?

 lets be perfectly frank the current owners/leaders of any country are not going to hand it back to the 1st settlers of any country are they? In most cases we dont even know for sure who the 1st or original people of any country are as record and checkable records are limited by time to a few thousand years or so. And if we believe that the humane race was exported from its beginings in africa as is documented in most evolutionary text then does it really matter ? as according to that we are all related in kind. Britain as an example has been invaded and ruled by a multitude of different races over the centuries , rome , normans , saxons, vikings, celts do we know for sure 100% who the 1st settlers were of any country ?

Were the american indians the 1st settlers of America were the celts the 1st in Britan, were Aborigines the 1st in Australia and if we say 40 thousand years ago was the time frame what type of concrete evidence is there that any of those were the 1st settlers ? as the there was no documented proof as we just didnt do it back then ? Most would agree the owners of a country are the ones that put in place a national system and laws to govern the country and devope the country! would it fair to hand back say Britain to the celts ? and would it be reasonable to give them land rites and pay them huge amount of royalties and apologise for the treatment they got from vikings, romans,saxons,and normans, or do you just get on with things the way they are to the betterment of the current system.

All races and nations have some dark history handed out and recieved some bad treatment but to start giving land and entitlements back to any race is facical as there would be mass worldwide handing over of the reigns so to speak as all countries i would say have had predicessors of some kind or other, so should the whole world start doing this because some time in history there were previous settlers ? does that even make sense yet some believe that is what is needed here in australia i ask why if no where else is making this a practice do we even really know if the aborigines were the 1st or didnt take lands from other cultures/peoples here in australia over 40 thousand years ago! not really? so what does this really achieve ? will Australia be a better country for all ? i dont think so Australia should be one nation with one set of rules for all then we will be a better country !

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