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labour party missing the boat

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Australias working class are fed up with being the donkey for the tax system

not only that they are fed up of having no real choices in our political parties

i mean to say they are all so simillar they may aswell be called the the liblab party

Labour is missing the boat with the working class population, they need to go back to being a party for the working people! they have lost there way.

the workers of this country carry the population of 24 million of which at best 6 million work! any one can see this is doomed to fail

we are becoming a nation of welfare recipients! we give welfare support to people on a 150k per year why ?  the labour party needs to grow a set and speak out

labour could with a few tweaks win the next election yes win it by getting the working people back on side they should be addressing how they can do this and implement it asap there are millions of swinging working class voters out there

waiting to be given a reason to vote for a party labour act now !


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