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the 50 plus majority

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why older Australians should not forgo their voting rites in my opinion this would be the start of taking rights away from pensioners and should be fought roburstly as we all will be aged Australians eventually

Australia's ageing population has the advantage in our political system!
and that is we will be the majority and majority rules in a democracy.

Recently there have been rumblings of political steps to try and undermine that statistic!

As an older person 50 plus I would encourage us the silent majority to stand up and not let this happen, sure at the moment they are saying that people over sixty five years of age  election voting should be optional but once that is in they will try to further that by making people of that age ineligible to vote, and once that is in place the age will gradually creep done to over fifties, why ? they know the power we could potentially yield and aim at any party that seeks to do the wrong thing by Australia's grey army! They know this and will try any measures they can to try and get these changes made permanent.

further to this our age group should seek to be more politically active, most of this countries intellectual giants and business success stories are in our age group and more people of this niche should be active in the political processes of this country if we want the success story of Australia to continue in an upward trend.

Taxation,  this is a ever increasing burden on the ordinary working family in this country,
simply put there is not enough working people to support the upward trend in health and services Australia provides to its population!
there needs to be some radical changes if we want these hard worked for benefits to continue and to become better.
GST I believe GST could be increased if the correct measure to protect limited income families and pension recipients is put in place we have the technology to do this,
if GST was increased to 15% and the tax threshold was increased say by 4k to 22k add to that a lower rate of tax on 60k per annum or lower incomes, overtime tax rate made to be 10% on overtime worked and that over time didn't bracket creep you to the next tax bracket
this would increase productivity as well. also increase tax rate on higher income
Add to that some cut backs in what is paid to people on what I would call self supporting incomes, example say couples that earn in excess of lets say 180k combined income in my opinion this bracket and above should get minimal support from tax payers, like child care, and even health not that they should not get it just that they should be in there own private health cover compulsory and that they use it when ever accessing health related services, of course with a safety net should they expenses become over a certain amount, Australia's top earners and companies pay around 1 to 2% on there earnings this has to change to
Now before I get complaints on how can fixed income families and pensioners afford higher GST I mentioned earlier technology! OK these people could be issued with a card smart card if you like that would revert any extra gst charged back to the current 10% rate currently in force by giving your card to the retailer your purchasing from to enable them to charge the lower GST rate for them, now I hear people will misuse it, well add photo id like our current drivers license and laws that say if this card is misused or provided to other people that are not listed on the card would incur loss of this card,  that way the card would be so to speak self policed.
other tax's like stamp duty on houses to be reformed to a fixed amount say $500 on houses under 600k or a figure acceptable to most also on cars say under 45k say a fixed amount of say $200 there are lots of other examples where this could be done too!
This would mean Australias more wealthier citizens would receive less government support and pay more tax's too, GST is one way the wealthier will pay more tax as the working people can not carry this burden any more there just isn't enough of them in Australia to do this and keep up and increase our standard or services here in Australia.

I will look forward to constructive critic I know there would need major changes but I believe we need to start the process !
regards 50 still batting

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