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water resources must be a priority

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Why is our state and federal governments not doing more to resolve this critical issue going into a future with a predicted 48 million population by 2040 ?

water here in Australia is a valuable resource and a dwindling one at that.
there needs to be a national bipartisan agreement to upgrading our water resources, here West Australia it is critically short of what is needed for a prospering 21st century state capitol, currently we have a population of around 2million here in the west with statistics showing our population will have grown to 3.5 to 4 million by 2040, and Australia's population to have doubled to 48 million ? my question to the political parties out there is how can we sustain a population like that with the already insufficient water resources we have for 24 million people ? in my view there needs to be a federal and state partnership in solving this ever increasing problem.
one way here in the west is a pipe down from the north west where water gets flushed out to sea in excess of 5 times the water in Sydney harbor to me this is criminal given the shortage of the life giving resource, one that most would argue is essential for West Australia to grow!
I believe doing this should be a priority our water restrictions and cost of water is ever increasing and needs to be acted on asap, what about the cost I hear , yes it will be costly but cheaper now than in twenty years time infrastructure that tat is ahead of requirement not continually playing catch up as our transport system woes showcases,.
so my thoughts are lets get this done we could use the big mining companies here in the west to help and for doing so offset some of their  royalty payments in way of payment, it would also employ thousands of people and keep a flagging mining industry working and up to speed ready for the next boom.
Employment would be generated in the mining industries 10 or 15 klms either side of the pipe could be irrigated and create new industries like coffee growing and other farming possibilities  too. We could make working for the dole realistic by teaching and training unemployed benefit recipients a new trade or a 1st trade to me its a win win situation and one that needs national commitment on a federal and state level until completed.sure it needs a much cleverer person than me to get this sorted but in conversation with most social circles I have everyone seems to think its worth a go yet our highly paid decision makers are still sitting on their hands why ?I will look forward to your constructive critic regards 50 STILL BATTING

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