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Has the technology in todays modern world has helped in making the world a better place to live?

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We are happy to live in this 21st century with all our advancements in technology and the tools we hold today.but we still have to ask the question of "has it made our world to be a better and peaceful place to live in?"

As we think deeper i still believe the advancements and developements in todays science and technology has not yet reached the basic values by which an ordinary human being can survive.i mean the values we hold for every other person still needs change.

The basic understanding of helping the needful in times of darkness has failed to deliver through our technological developments.we need to be aware infact be better equiped to have this delivered to every person who needs help.

I believe the only way we can achieve this is by better values of care and love for people.i believe todays modernisation of life has taken man to only a more miserable and sad situation.This we approve of in our every days life.

But i strongly believe our leaders take note of this and be this technology and development be the tool for a better social living. 

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