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Australian Politicians Divorced From Reality

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The response of some politicians to looming crises tend to make one wonder if they really don't want to know about the problems we face unless it offers them a chance to grind their axe at a hastily convened media conference.

Australian Politicians often seem divorced from reality

Australian politicians have strange priorities.  None seem as strange as those of the leader of The Greens party, Christine Milne.  Our Prime Minister warned us on April 29, 2013 that shrinking revenues, a tediously high Australian dollar and other factors have combined to push the budget deficit into a greater hole than the previous sledgehammer estimate of some seven and a half billion of your dollars.  In the space of a couple of weeks the hole is, regrettably, going to deepen to twelve billion of your dollars.   That is not the debt this government has thus far racked up that you are somehow going to have to pay back, the full debt is more than a hundred-billion dollars at three per cent interest according to the Australian Debt Clock; the measly twelve billion hole is just for next year’s commitments.   Your share of the country’s current debt is around twenty-thousand dollars in case you were wondering.  Oh, and each of your children owe that much too.

The disclosure was met with the expected response from the Government to the tune of, not our fault, all beyond our control, and from the Opposition; the Government is spending like a drunken sailor.  The most curious and unexpected was from Christine Milne.  She showed no shock or even dismay at how much we are now in debt and how many billions of dollars you will have to pay each year on that debt just to cover the interest payments.  She wants Australia to boycott CHOGM in Sri Lanka. She also wasn’t at all happy that some of the almost fifteen-billion dollars the government wants to throw at a failing education system was to be borrowed from tertiary sources and wants you to fund the whole damn thing.  And she also demands that Mr Abbott allow his members a conscience vote so that she can get same-sex marriage legislation through the Parliament before the election.  Presumably she realises that if the Coalition should form government, same-sex marriage might not be their biggest priority.

The problem with being in debt, whether it be personal, corporate or national debt, is that it controls everything else in your life.  You cannot meet fiscal emergencies, you cannot splurge on luxury and the cost of servicing the debt stops you from putting your own money to work for you.  If you are continually obliged to tighten your belt, then the normal rise in living expenses will slowly drown you.  More and more Australians are being pushed below the poverty line each year.  As our national debt grows and our revenues shrink there will be no money to meet these crises that we really do need to address, somehow.

Low wage earners and those on fixed incomes are finding it impossible to meet rising costs of rent or to meet mortgage payments.  Christine Milne is apparently focussed on Sri Lanka and their problems, based on her comments at the media conference following the news of the deeper hole in the budget.

Rising health costs and a somewhat faulty Medicare system is putting low wage earners at risk and having to pay more for their health care than wealthier people.  Christine Milne is worried about Sri Lankans and how they are being treated in their country.

More and more of our children are taking to life on the streets with all the risks and dangers that lurk there, including human trafficking for the sex trade.  Christine Milne is concerned about similar conditions in Sri Lanka.

Our charity organisations are increasingly unable to cope with the rising demand for their services.  Christine Milne wants us to boycott CHOGM in protest to conditions in Sri Lanka.

Teenage drinking and drug abuse is skyrocketing along with all the antisocial behaviour associated with such things.  Christine Milne wants less border protection and a more relaxed open border policy to admit more Sri Lankans wanting to escape the conditions in their own country.

Our children are not getting the education we want for them.  Our academic standing is dropping like a mercury thermometer on a cold day.  The education system we were promised and for which we have already paid is not getting us there.  This present government is determined and committed to spend countless billions of dollars in response to the Gonski report but doesn’t want to explain how or if that will solve the problem.  No guarantees are being offered by anyone and, if any results positive or negative become evident, it won’t be for almost another generation and by then it may, of course, be all too late.  Christine Milne wants Gay couples to be able to have weddings and she wants it right now.

It is unclear if the policies of any political party can rectify any of our problems but clearly at some point we are going to have to cut down on our expenses.  The good times are well and truly gone for now.  Considering the pay packets of some of our political leaders (Miss Gillard now earns more than President Obama) and their contribution to us who pay their salaries, one might begin to wonder if we should start downsizing.   I wonder if we can still afford The Greens and Christine Milne.

David Edwards

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