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Guide to the top 6 MX Gear Brands

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When dirt biking, safety is everything. It can mean the difference between a few days of rest after a harsh fall, or a few weeks in a hospital bed. When it comes to keeping yourself safe, and keeping your rides fun and smooth, this article all the information about all the best motocross gear in Australia that you might need.

1. Alpine Stars - Neck Braces

Alpinestars features one of the most integral parts of dirt bike gear. The neck brace is arguably one of the most important pieces of protective body armour to wear when riding. The neck brace helps protect the upper body from abrupt twists and sudden jolts, complete with an improved fit, and a unique design that has continued to establish Alpinestars as a noteworthy brand. This new neck brace is lightweight, and comes complete with a foam lining for comfort. Don’t skip out on this piece of protective gear, it could be perfect for you.


2. Troy Lee Designs - Helmets

Troy Lee Designs features a wing red and blue open face helmet that not only looks striking, but also provides another imperative piece of protective biking gear that isn’t to be missed. You should never ride without a helmet, and when in possession of a Troy Lee Designs helmet, why would you want to? These dirt bike helmets provide a hand laid pre-preg carbon, composite shell with Kevlar reinforcement. With a comfortable fit, lambskin leather lining, and synthetic leather materials, this helmet will create the right fit for you.


3. Fox - Chest Protector

Enjoy complete, unrestricted, full body coverage with Fox’s Black and White CE Vest Protector. The upper body is exceedingly fragile, and nothing will ruin your motocross experience faster than a sprain, or a fracture. This full wrap body coverage via plastic side panels will keep you secure, and safe. With CE certified 1621-2 back coverage, adjustable and removable shoulder coverage, and an integrated buckle system, this piece of armour has all your bases covered.


4. 100% - Goggles

Vision is incredibly important when dirt biking. If you’re riding blind, you might as well not be riding at all. Enjoy the simplicity of 100% Goggles’ style and fit; all adult MX goggles feature the same lens and tear-off profile. These anti-fog, scratch resistant, comfortable goggles ensure a secure fit, and an absolute must-have for any MX rider.


5. O'Neill - Boots

Balance means everything when dirt biking, and without a decent set of boots, you might as well be riding barefoot! The O’Neil boots are first class motocross boots, sold at an entry-level price. Easy to navigate, with snap-lock adjusts, and a metal-capped toe guard to protect the sole against delaminating, this boot is a great choice at an extremely affordable price!


6. Shift - Pants

Created for style, and fit -- the Shift Strike Glory White and Green Pants come with an articulated design around the waist and knees that conform to the rider when in position. With leather inner-knee panels that provide both abrasion and heat resistance, along with several stretch-zones to ensure mobility, these pants are perfect for the avid rider, especially if you want to be eye-catching, as well as comfortable.


MX gear is something that’s very much worth the investment. Some of these protective pieces may seem pricy, but your safety is everything, and it’s certainly worth a few dollars. Don’t be afraid to seek out these reputable brands if you spot them!

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