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5 Tips for Better Motocross Riding

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Here's how to keep safe and ride motocross well. 

1.   Buy protective gear

It’s no secret that dirt biking can be a dangerous sport. Protective motocross gear can really mean the difference between a month in hospital, or a few days resting on the couch to recuperate. In order to keep your biking experience easy, and safe, be sure to invest in the basics such as a helmet, neck brace, boots, a chest protector, a kidney belt, knee and elbow guards, gloves, goggles, and a jacket. The helmet alone is the most important part of your dirt bike gear. A good name brand helmet is ideal, and it should always be worn when upon your bike! A neck brace is also essential, and often can go together with your helmet to protect your neck, and keep it from being overextended. Never ride without these!


2.   Check that your bike is properly fitted.

Make sure that your dirt bike is in proper working order before taking it out. There’s nothing worse than kitting up in all the right gear, and wheeling your bike out only to notice a flat tire, or a faulty break pad. Make sure to check for these things before trying to go for a spin, both for your own safety, and to prevent a small fault with your bike from turning into a big one. Safety is everything when MX riding.


3.   Clean your bike before riding.

It might seem finicky, but a good clean to your dirt bike can not only improve its performance, but also give you an added boost of confidence when riding. Let’s face it, a shiny, clean bike will look sleek, and impressive when it motion, as well as when idle. To make the process faster, give your bike a wipe-down before and after use.


4.   Stand up!

When riding, stand up, and stand proud. Standing when riding allows the use of your legs for suspension, and gives you the added manoeuvrability of being able to shift your weight quickly, and easily. This will help improve your vision when dirt biking, it will also improve your ability to navigate over rough terrain, and help fight off fatigue.


5.   Look where you ride.

It might seem redundant, but looking where you are going is extremely important. Keep your eyes where they are meant to be, and try to stop looking down at the body of your bike, or at your hands. Riding is looking, keep your eyes up and look ahead, plan your routes as they approach, stay safe, and keep your balance by keeping an eye out! Your vision is your most important aid when riding, so use it!

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