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HR Holden Memories

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I found this picture and thought I would put it here for the sake of my memories and for anyone else who loved HRs. The HR Holden was a very sought after vehicle (and is still). I was fortunate enough to own one when I was a teenager.

HR Holden S Wagon

Built by Holden in 1967 the HR Holden was a vehicle that people raved about (except for the Ford lovers). It was well appointed and handled very well for cars made back then.

My HR Holden was a black Station Wagon with red upholstery. It was not original and had been repainted, relined, had fins in the front bonnet and had a high compression head on a 186 red engine. It also had twin Weber carbies which cost a fortune to feed (even though petrol was only 37 cents a litre at the time).

The picture to below is a HR Sedan Special. Wasn't mine but they looked good.

My friends and I had a lot of good times in the HR but it came to an end when it was defected by the police and being a teenager I could not afford to fix all of the problems that had been covered by the repaint job.

If I could find another HR in good condition I Would probably buy it just for the memories. It would cost me a lot more these days with some sellers getting over $20,000 for theirs.

I still think of the good times that it gave us on those sunny days by the beach or in the hills. The dusk 'til dawn sessions at the Drive In also hold fond memories.HR Holden Special

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